About ArtFricana

The ArtFricana platform exists to showcase the rich sense of African fashion and Arts which runs as deep and as colorful as the African continent itself. The name “ArtFricana” is a wordplay for the phrase “African Arts” 😊. Here you can Safely shop for African clothing, jewelry, art, and modern accessories for everyone inspired by Africa, with delivery to anywhere in the world.

Why ArtFricana

We are established to not only inspire millennials in the diaspora to renew a sense of pride in their African culture but also to make available, African merch and artifacts to all races and lovers of Africa and what we stand for, all in one distraction-free platform. We wanted to create a channel for men & women to find confidence in self-expression, to be bold in their outfit choices.

Our mission is to create a brand that showcases the beauty of African Arts and Fashion by merging vibrant African fabrics with urban-American or western fashion to create the “modern African look” for men, women, and children. This is not limited to art and home decor. It is our goal to create a brand that encompasses all aspects of our daily lives.


We also share inspiring content in the form of articles, videos, and images on the blog section of this platform to show how amazing and colorful the continent of Africa is. And this again is not limited to millennials in the diaspora that are proud of their African heritage.

We believe that wearing unique, well-made, African-inspired statement pieces doesn’t have to break the bank – neither should they be boring! There are more than enough plain/same old boring pieces all over the high street. Step into the ArtFricana world where it’s full of color, but not just color for the sake of it – a color that imbibes the richness of the African culture! Patterns that have a meaning behind them and cuts that make you feel like the royalty you really are. Accessories and Outfits that make people stare when they walk into a room.

Keep In Contact With Us

We’re constantly working to bring you the best African content and products on our blog and the online store, we are open to any suggestions. So if you have any questions or proposals, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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We work with the world’s most popular and trusted companies so that you can enjoy safe shopping and fast delivery.

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