33 Best Instagram Models to Follow in 2022

Instagram is the prime platform for self-expression and exploration. The place has been a special blessing to both men and women who take pride in grooming, self-affirmation, and individual expression. As a result, there are many successful accounts on Instagram that are being run by people termed ‘Instagram Models’. 

To be honest these top Instagram models are more than just that. They often have stories that teach great life lessons with their content providing much information and tips. Their lifestyle hacks, DIYs, and tutorials are always something to look forward to. Moreover, being the hottest Instagram models- they are truly a sight to behold!

Top Instagram Models:

Alexis Ren

Alexis Ren - instagram models

Alexis Ren is a well-known Instagram model and celebrity. So much so, she has as many as 13.8 million followers on Instagram. Moreover, she has a Youtube channel with 1.02 million subscribers. Clearly, when talking about Instagram models female- she has to be at the top of our list. She started posting content at 15 and immediately won hearts with her ethereal beauty. She has been featured in the covers of many magazines since then. Moreover, she is one of the most acclaimed swimsuit models on the internet. Her career timeline has seen versatile roles. In fact, she has been featured in videos by Ed Sheeran and Kygo! 

Matthew Noszka

Matthew Noszka - instagram models

The most amazing fact to note about Noszka is that he is one of the youngest and most recent influencers on Instagram. He debuted only a couple years back and since then has grown to acquire about 1.2 million followers! He used to work in construction and posted a candid picture of himself in work boots and blue jeans. Not very long after, the handsome hunk became a social phenomenon with various modeling agencies trying to recruit him. Today you will find his Instagram feed filled with picture shots from Calvin Klein, Moncler, Tom Ford, and other big names!

Monica Alvarez

Monica Alvarez - instagram models

She is definitely one of the sexiest Instagram models we have mentioned in this list. She was also featured by the New York Post in their list of top 10 hottest bartenders in New York. Simply put, Monica is a sight to behold with her perfectly rounded curves and beautiful looks. Sicilian and Spanish in origin- she really brings the best of Europe to the table. Now and then, she will also post workouts and beauty tips for her beloved fans.

Audreyana Michelle

Audreyana Michelle - instagram models

Audreyana Michelle is a fashionista and model who has become an inspiration to women worldwide. Currently, she has about 641k followers with over 400 posts on her Instagram feed. When people think of blonde Instagram models- she is the first person who comes to mind. She is associated with many famous names including the Freedom Models Agency, Premium Paris, Monster Milan, and so on. She recently became a mother of her first child with partner Austin Rivers. And might we add- motherhood has only doubled the charm and beauty of this gorgeous diva. Follow her account for some wholesome fashion lifestyle content.  

Yanet Garcia

Yanet Garcia

Yanet Garcia is very famously known as the ‘World’s Hottest Weather Girl’. She started her journey as a Weather Anchor in Mexico and immediately caught the eye of her national audience and model agencies worldwide. Not only is Garcia an experienced TV anchor and model- she has also forayed into the field of acting! What more? She is a certified health coach with about 14.5 million followers on her Instagram. However, we must warn you that following her could become addictive. With some of the steamiest shots on the platform- Garcia is one of the most beautiful Instagram models.

Kindly Myers

Kindly Myers

Bold, courageous, and a true southgal- Kindly Myers is definitely our favorite among the top attractive Instagram models. She has over 3.2 million followers on the platform. Clearly, she has the looks, charm, and body to keep anyone hooked! But mind you- she’s not a simple bombshell. This strong lady has served in the Army National Guard for four years- and she is a force to be reckoned with. Ms. Myers has been featured in magazines such as the likes of Joker, FHM, Maxim, as well as Playboy. In the military garb- Myers looks nothing less than a wild fantasy.

Hyunjoo Hwang

Hyunjoo Hwang

Hyunjoo Hwang is a South Korean model with over 60.7k followers on Instagram. However, Hwang is more than just a pretty face and the perfect body. An extremely talented individual, Hyunjoo Hwang is a trained ballet dancer and fitness enthusiast as well. She made her debut in 2020 as a part of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model. Hwang is one of the most prominent social media sensations in Korea and has even modeled for Victoria’s Secret. She describes herself as an introverted person who is something of a nerd. Fiercely independent, she often encourages her fans to boldly follow their dreams.

Paing Takhon

Paing Takhon

Now, if we’re talking about breaking stereotypes and still acing the game- nobody does it better than Paing Takhon! No offense to Taylor Lautner, but Takhon is the werewolf I would choose to imprint on me. This Burmese model seems like the epitome of perfection. Both men and women must envy his flawless looks, magnetic persona, and eyes that can allure you from behind a screen. With his tatted chest- this Takhon looks IS the alpha male. He is also a vigorous activist and the most dynamic personality on this list.

Rohit Khandelwal

Rohit Khandelwal

Are you looking for tanned, toned, perfectly chiseled, and crafted abs that come with some really sultry looks?  Well, we might have found one of the best male Instagram models for you! Meet Rohit Khandelwal- the first Asian to have won the Mr. World title in 2016. Coming from a very humble background, the handsome man, still portrays much innocence and humility in his demeanor. An upcoming actor, Rohit has over 803k followers on Instagram. His sheer sex appeal has attracted thousands of people to his Instagram- and we are sure, that you will equally like his feed.

Yael Shelbia Cohen

In the last few years, many Asian Instagram models have taken over the fashion industry. Perhaps one of the most stunningly gorgeous and mesmerizing of these is Yael Shelbia Cohen. An Israeli model- she has already gained worldwide fame and has over 1.3 million followers. In 2020 she was named “the most beautiful face in the world”- and we cannot disagree. With the most beautiful icy blue eyes- Cohen has the potential to capture your soul. Other than working for big names like Castro and Renaur- she also grabbed the headlines when she became the face of Kylie Jenner’s skincare line in 2019.  

Saffi Karina

Other than being one of the most prominent black female Instagram models- Saffi Karina is also a prominent plus-size model. An advocate of body positivity, she has turned into an inspiration for many men and women across the globe. Born in England, she was recruited by the famous agency- IMGModels. Currently, she is also one of the brand ambassadors of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Herself, she has created the famous Curve Project London- in order to empower women and remove them from the clutches of false beauty standards. She is known for her collaborations with famous names like Revolve and Love Island.

Tony Chung

This Asian American model has the looks of a hardened biker and tattoo artist combined into one. Born and raised in Texas, Tony has acted and modeled with some of the biggest firms in Hollywood. Chung is also a musician and is known most popularly as the face model for Sub-Zero in Mortal Kombat. The handsome star has also modeled for famous brands including H&M, Uniqlo, Remy Martin, RayBan, and others. Just glimpse over his Instagram and you will find pheromones everywhere!

Jessica Wilde

Anyone who is familiar with the Instagram modeling scene must have already heard of Jessica Wilde. She is perhaps at the top of the best Instagram models active in the present year. Very edgy, slightly grunge, Jessica Wilde got her biggest public appearance as the cover girl for INKED Magazine. She also runs a YouTube channel, in case you wish to follow up. Furthermore, she has become the host and the face of INKED magazine’s famous ‘Cover Girl Competition’.

Urvashi Rautela

With over 45.5 million Instagram followers- Urvashi Rautela is an Indian model, who is something of a legend. Outspoken, bold, creative, and absolutely tantalizing- this lady has everything you’re looking for. She has received the highest number of beauty titles in History. Only recently she walked the prestigious Arab Fashion week- breaking another record among Asian women. She’s got everything you could possibly ask for lustrous looks, enviable curves, and a revolutionary spirit. Her feed is always something to look forward to.

Broderick Hunter

With only about 51 posts on his Instagram feed- Broderick Hunter has become a well-known figure among black Instagram models. He began modeling back in 2011 and faced a series of unsuccessful interviews. Battling racism and trying to survive within the suffocating modeling world- Broderick has clearly come far, winning hearts and immense respect in the process. You might already have seen this dashing man in musician Ciara’s famous music video ‘Sorry’. Not only is he one of the best Instagram models on our list he is also a sweet and charming man with much to say. 

Indira Scott

We have made it a point to make this list as versatile as possible. Naturally, when talking about Instagram models girls- we cannot leave out the beautiful Indira Scott. Born in Jamaica- Indira always stands out with her iconic dreads and uniquely sculpted features. Without a doubt, Scott is one of a kind. The fact that she closed Dior’s F/W 18 Haute Couture show right on her debut clearly proves how eye-catching she must be! She has modeled for some of the biggest names in the fashion industry. These include Balmain, Altuzarra, Dior, Michael Kors, and many more.

De’Lany Ortiz

De’Lany Ortiz is one of the youngest black Instagram models active in the industry today. He is also an upcoming actor who has starred in shows like Fuggboi and Gossip Girl. The NYC TasteMakers chose him as the model of the month back in May 2021. Further, he has also worked for Hercules Magazine, Yuasa DNA Spring 2020 Lookbook, Moschino F/W 20, King Kong Magazine, and Willy Chavarria. Not only is he an artist, but is also a highly skilled sportsman. Ortiz spent many years playing American Football- and the rigorous activity has clearly worked wonders on his body. 

Chelsea Yamase

Chelsea Yamase is one of the most unique famous Instagram models of today. Just have a brief look at her feed and you will see the immense variety in her lifestyle and the myriad activities she indulges. Truly, she is a wild, adventurous soul who can teach us how to live life with a little more courage. She is the creator of NTS Journal, runs her own podcasts, is a freediver and an Acroyoga teacher! A true Hawaiian in spirit- she is the pride and perfect representative of this exquisite archipelago. Hence, if you are looking for someone who can get you a mix of both fashion and adventure- then Yamase should be your girl!

Catriona Gray

Advocate, singer, former Miss Universe, model, and creative! Catriona Gray is a dream packed into a human being. To be honest, her looks in themselves are beyond compare and uniquely iconic. A pure, transparent soul- this Filipino-Australian wonder is bound to captivate you. She is a trained martial arts practitioner, and could easily be confused for Catwoman herself. Famous for her runway strut deemed the ‘Lava Walk’- she is one hot lady with strong drive and purpose!

Sveta Bilyalova

This Russian beauty will simply dazzle you with her Godly body and unmatchable looks. Starting out as a simple socialite, Sveta Bilyalova has really made a huge impression all across the globe. She is one of the most successful Instagram models that you will come across. Currently, she has a massive fan following of 6 million people. Her body and curves are something that every girl might come to envy. In a way, she is a highly mainstream model- with regular photoshoots. To some extent, she can be considered an international supermodel, since she has been featured in certain magazines. At the same time, she also appears in the music video ‘low life’ by Future and The Weeknd. 

Olya Abramovich 

We have another Russian beauty at our hands now. Of course, her feed is full of steamy photographs that are bound to get you drooling. But this young lady is much more than just a model. She shares a great passion for photography and can be seen working on both sides of the camera. Her posts are often risqué and raw- making them one of the most demanded within Instagram. Her fashion sense is simply unparalleled and many girls look up to her for styling tips and more. Of course, her gorgeous figure and daring photoshoots have garnered her fans from all across the world. 

Andre Hamann

Europe has been a true blessing when it comes to the hottest Instagram models. The statement stands true in the case of Andre Hamann- who is a German model and businessman. Honestly, we believe this man deserves much more recognition than he currently receives! He has 969k followers on Instagram, and we think it won’t be long before he crosses the millionth mark. Based in Munich, he is also the co-owner of the Haze and Glory clothing line. The man is always on the run and you will often find his posts featuring the most popular destinations across the world. Oh! And he simply loves pups and kittens. 

Maria Borges

Maria Borges is The African Queen Model who has inspired women for years! Perhaps one of the most hardworking and dedicated professionals within her industry- she is truly an inspiration. An absolute stunner- she was named Forbes magazine’s top African model in 2013. Within her first fashion week itself, Borges walked as much as 17 runways! In the next season, she was exclusively recruited by Givenchy. Moreover, she has often appeared in important names like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Numero- and a lot more. Recently she gave birth to her daughter- Athena, proving that drive and career do not hamper a successful period of motherhood. 

Jourdan Dunn

If unfiltered beauty is something you are after, then you should stay on the lookout for Jourdan Dunn. This Black British model was discovered very recently, and since then has gone on to rise tremendously in the fashion industry. Her fashion sense is impeccable and her style has inspired millions of people across the globe! She has over 3 million followers- clearly showing how popular she is. With stunning features and a carefully carved body- Jourdan Dunn is one of the most promising active models of today.  The famous model has worked with big names including  Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Burberry, Balmain, Saint Laurent, Michael Kors. Honestly- the list is endless!

Conrad Bromfield

Another gem straight from Jamaica- Conrad has become one of the most sought-after male black models today. If required to sum up in one word- this man can be called a creative. He is simply a pro at the work he does, and his reputation in the fashion industry is as hefty as it can get. If you really want to get a glimpse of the inner workings of the Fashion World, then you must follow his account. At the beginning of his career itself, Conrad was working with Tom Ford consistently. Today, he has walked and worked for important brands. The likes of these include Dolce and Gabbana, Armani Exchange, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, and many more.

Joan Smalls

Right from Puerto Rico this exquisite beauty would have come much ahead in our list. Only we are focusing on the best Instagram models- but this beauty is too elite for social media mentions. She has about 4.4 million followers on Instagram and is considered one of the most important supermodels of today. She makes frequent appearances in celebrity events like The Met Gala, EMAs, and so on. Moreover, she is followed by big artists like Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez, among many others! If quality content and highest order fashion are what you’re after- then do follow her account.

Chantel Zales

Do you want to know what Playboy magazine would look like if it featured only the hottest content from the last fifty years? Well, it would look something like Chelsea Zales’ Instagram profile. With over 4.9 million followers- this scintillating beauty is someone you cannot take your eyes off. She is a highly popular bikini model and fitness specialist- hailing from Mexico. Moreover, she is also a great fashion designer who has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. She was often listed as one of the highest-paid Instagram models- no surprise since she has a perfectly toned body.

Roma Michael

Have you ever wondered what Princess Jasmine might actually look like in real life today? Well, the answer would be Roma Michael. A highly reputed model and actress from Pakistan. She began to model back in 2013 and since then her career has only seen an upward graph! She is one of the most successful faces in her country. Her campaigns include those for L’oreal Paris, Chen One, Sana Safinaz, etc. Moreover, Roma has worked for all the top designers within her country. Make sure you follow her for some authentic, South Asian fashion content. 

David Gandy

If the world ever got hit by a zombie apocalypse and you wanted a hot fighter to protect you, we think you would go for David Gundy. His rugged, wolfish looks can swoon any woman and make her weak at her knees. His feed is among the classiest you shall find on Instagram. This super-rich, sophisticated gentleman also runs his own clothing line. You will see his Instagram filled with posts of himself along with classy luxury classes, tuxedos, and fedoras! Without a doubt- this man is probably the hottest product of his generation.

Khoudia Dio

Hailed as the melanin Goddess, this Senegalese model is simply a very rare breed in the model world. Representing many women who get overshadowed by false beauty standards, Khoudia has redefined what women must look like. Her bright smile and immaculate confidence in herself itself are enough to beguile any person. Bac in 2016 she was featured in the Colored Girl Project, after which her followers increased in hundreds of thousands! 

May Myat Noe

Another amazing Burmese creation- May Myat Noe is a fashion model, actress, and beauty pageant titleholder. She is definitely one of the most beautiful Instagram models and real-life beauty queens today! Winner of 2014 Miss Asia Pacific World, she has often represented names like L’Oreakm Maybelline, and Pepsi! The Kendall Jenner of Myanmar- she is endowed with superlative beauty and natural glamor.

Şükrü Özyıldız

Well, we’ve already mentioned Princess Jasmine above- looks like we also have a living Prince of Persia in our hands. Although not from Iran, he hails from a very close neighbor- the unforgettable land of Turkey. Turkish men have this ageless charm and princely poise, and Özyıldız has plenty of both. If 365 days were to take place in the Middle East, you would definitely find Özyıldız as the male lead. What’s even better is that he is trained in Martial Arts.

Cherokee Jack

Cherokee Jack is a Native American Model being represented by big names including Ford Models and Ignite Models. With his chiseled jaw and impressionable cheekbones- it would appear this man was born to model. Tanned, gorgeous, and toned with a raw appeal- Cherokee is a great representative of his people who has been dimmed down in history. Adventurous, athletic, and wild- Jack is an introverted mystery, you can only spot on magazine covers and Instagram.


The above list is perhaps the most inclusive one you shall find online. We have tried to include individuals from different ethnicities and remote corners of the world. From ramp models and athletes to social media influencers and plus-size models- everything can be found above. Do have a look and leave a comment below if you think there’s another community that needs more representation. Meanwhile- stay trendy, stay strong, and never lose your own style!

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